CMP - HR's services center provides Executive Search and Executive Coaching services to executives and professionals.

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Diagnosing Problems in a Collaborative Way

  • "The solution to our problem seems so obvious. Why hasn't it worked?"

  • "How can we be certain what is causing our problem?"

CMP - HR is different

CMP - HR consultants are experienced using the tools and techniques that ferret root problems.

We use a collaborative approach. Often clients come to us with problems they have tried to fix themselves, but have failed to solve. Our experience tells us that this is often caused by two things:

  • The client doesn't understand what is at the root of the problem, and/or

  • The client does not have the tools or know-how necessary to structure a solution that will fix the problem.

Executive Recruiting

  • Behavioral Interviewing

  • Values and Vision Assessment

  • Unique Selection Process

  • Inclusive with your service

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