Tuesday January 20, 2015

Like all of you, we have recently ushered in a new year; and now, we're introducing a newly-redesigned website. Both things, we hope, will bring good changes. And both things give us a chance for reflection. As we reflect on our hopes for the new year, we find that they are intrinsically tied to our mission for CMP-HR: Finding the Best for the Best. Hopefully, this new website design will help us to better carry out this mission.

What's the purpose of the changes you're making in the new year? The purpose of our new website design is twofold. #1 is to make it easier for those looking to make a job change to find the plethora of diverse opportunities that we offer and to connect them with one or more that will let them use the skills and talents they already have to further their career goals and aspirations. Our goal is not simply to find someone a new job; it's to match them with a particular company and opportunity that will allow them to grow and find more satisfaction and fulfillment in their job.

Our #2 purpose is to make it easier for existing client companies to see what all we offer and to draw in new clients so that we can do what we love to do and have done so successfully for several years - to partner with every company we serve, on each individual open position, in order to provide them with the best match. This means finding them an individual who will appreciate their opportunity to work with the company, will value their contribution to the overall efforts of the company, and will provide superior work ethic and skills that will enhance the performance and reputation of the company; all the while enjoying and benefitting personally from their "marriage" with the company.

Here at CMP-HR, we're obviously looking to be financially successful, just like every other company. Aren't you? But more than that, we want TO SERVE-serve both our client companies and individual candidates. We want to make it easier for companies with workers who will bring the most value to their company and be the best fit for their culture; AND we want to provide those who are searching for a new opportunity to find the best match for their skills, talents, personality, and career goals. We want to make a positive difference for both our client companies and our job candidates. We strive to bring benefits to everyone involved. We don't want to "fill a job opening"; we want to match an employee with a company's specific need, in such a way that not only the skill set, but the personality, character traits, and goals of an individual mesh perfectly with the personality, culture, and goals of a specific company.

For this reason, we've started out this new year with this new website. We want the new design to let clients, candidates, and prospective clients more easily connect with us and allow us to connect them with each other. It's kind of like a good matchmaking site, I guess. And we like to think we've helped start many good "marriages" and can facilitate many more.

Please browse our new look and connect with us if you're a company looking for more individually-tailored assistance in finding talented folks to build your organization, or if you're an individual looking for a career move that might be "a match made in heaven" with one of our many clients. It's a new year, and we'd love to help make it your best.

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