Behavioral Assessments

We match the competencies of the position to the skills of the prospective employee.  Behavioral based interviewing is interviewing  based on discovering how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related  situations. The logic is that how you behaved in the past will predict how you  will behave in the future i.e. past performance predicts future performance.

When CMP – HR performs a search we use a very thorough, systematic and disciplined process:

  • We  learn your business

  • We learn the position and its potential

  • We research, source and recruit viable candidates through a variety of means

  • We  pre-screen and conduct a behavioral based interview on each potential candidate

    (Testing and reference checking are often conducted at this point.)

  • We submit candidate reports and recommendations for only the candidates (usually three or four) that best fit your needs

  • We arrange face-to-face interviews for you and the top candidates and prepare you for those interviews

  • We assist you in making your final decision, determining the conditions of the offer, and solidifying the employment relationship

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